New Project on Improvised Music

Hamburg-based singer and guitarist Benjamin Branzko invites musicians of all instruments who are interested in the art of improvisation to form an ensemble with the purpose of performing a concert at Honigfabrik Wilhelmsburg on sat 01.12.2018.


Improvised_Music_2018_A_SeiteThe first time I saw Sidsel Endresen and Stian Westerhus performing live was in Essen at the Zeche Carl a couple of years ago. I sat in the first row and the sound of Stian Westerhuses guitar setup pushed me deep into my seat. I watched Sidsel Endresen sitting calmly and upright on a chair while she invented melodic lines in a language that has never been heard, telling a story only with the sound of her voice. The performance really took me on a journey, I almost forgot to breathe.

Improvised_Music_2018_B_SeiteDuring my studies of jazz-music at  University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, I had a very commited vocal teacher who eventually managed to get Sidsel Endresen and Stian Westerhus to come to our school and give a workshop. I was excited. I took notes on every word that came from their lips, hoping to find some kind of knowledge that would help me to understand, how this kind of music works.

Since then, improvised music became a part of my life as a musician. There is no such way of getting involved in music as when you take each other on a blind flight. Of course there are many concepts and ideas on how to improvise, but last not least improvisation is a matter of attitude. It’s about being open-minded, it’s about listening, it’s about letting go rather than doing anything.

I would love to gather together musicians who are interested in playing this kind of music, who are willing to commit to the work of an ensemble and go on this journey together.

With some financial help from the City of Hamburg I am now able to bring this idea to life and plan a concert of improvised music at Kulturzentrum Honigfabrik on Sat. 01.Dec 2018.

In my vision, all instruments are welcome, no matter if acoustic or electric. Due to my affinity for vocal music I want to emphasize, that, of course, I strongly recommend singers to join the ensemble!

Rehearsals will start in september 2018 and will be on mondays from 7-10pm. All rehearsals will take place at Musiklabor Honigfabrik (“Notaufnahme”), Industriestraße 125-131, 21107 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. See link for Google-Maps. Here are the dates:

Sep 03.+17. // Oct 01.+15 // Nov 15.+19.

Sat 01. Dec 2018

Here’s a link to a shared Google-Calendar.


If you are interested in joining the project, please get in contact via email:

You can also visit the event on Facebook:

I’m looking forward to hear from you,

best regards,


Offener Gesangs- und Gitarrenunterricht in Wilhelmsburg

IMG_8357-2Der Sänger, Gitarrist und studierte Musikpädagoge Benjamin Branzko lädt ein zum offenen Unterricht. Hier können gemeinsam Lieder erprobt und Akkorde geübt oder an der Gesangstechnik gefeilt werden. Der offene Unterricht ist ein Angebot gegen Spende. Instrumente sind vorhanden. Gerne mitbringen: Noten, Liederbücher, Playbacks (bei Bedarf).




Termine: Jeden Dienstag von 19-21 Uhr im Musiklabor NOTAUFNAHME

Das Musiklabor NOTAUFNAHME befindet sich auf dem Hofgelände des Kulturzentrums Honigfabrik, Industriestrasse 125-131, 21107 Hamburg
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