New Single and Music Video „Safe and Sound“ OUT NOW!

The Song is about unleashing the power of love within oneself. Sometimes we need a little help to re-connect to the source of our inner wisdom. The video tells the story of a wrecked musician who got off track and get’s saved by a magic fairy who leads him back into his power to rise and shine again.

The Song is now online! Download it via Amazon or iTunes or stream it via your preferred streaming service.

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New Single and Video „Something Left Unsung“ out on April 16th 2021

Ready – Set – Go! The release of my new single „Something Left Unsung“ is scheduled for April 16th 2021. You can now presave the song via Spotify/ iTunes/ Deezer/ Tidal or Pre-Order it via Amazon. Don’t miss the premiere of the video on Youtube (see link below).